Who We Are

Midreshet Torah v鈥橝vodah is an innovative Bnei Akiva midrasha for highly motivated high school graduates. It is the first midrasha to offer a truly integrated experience. In one incredible year, you will experience life-changing growth in your connection to Torah, to the Jewish people, and to the land and State of Israel. You will have the opportunity to learn from the most impressive educators in the world, developing deep relationships that will stay with you for life.

TVA鈥檚 path-breaking model allows you to expand and broaden every aspect of who you are as a member of Am Yisrael in Medinat Yisrael through the lens of Torat Eretz Yisrael. You will experience our pioneering Machon Leadership program, which allows you to explore pivotal issues facing the future of the Jewish people.


My year at TVA helped me strengthen skills that laid the foundation I need to build on my love of learning into my adult life while also serving as a family in Israel where I developed lifelong friendships and relationships!


Natalie Trump, 5781

TVA meant (and still means) to me a place that is filled with inspirational role models and a constant encouraging energy, that is here to support you in any and every challenge you may face. I am proud to call TVA my home 馃檪

Susanna Horowitz, 5781

TVA has given me a deep-rooted desire to make Judaism the driving force of my life, giving me a strong passion for learning Torah and a profound love for the State of Israel. TVA has inspired me to continuously think about how I can make positive change wherever I go and the mark I want to make on Am Yisrael. I will forever thank TVA for giving me inspiring and committed lifelong role models, my best friends for life, and a home in Israel I know will always welcome me back.

Sierra Goodman, 5782


MTVA opens you up to Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael through targeted internships, volunteering and service learning, living and working on Kibbutz, and exciting tiyulim throughout the year. All of these experiences will be infused with intensive Torah learning while living in apartments in the best and most central location in Jerusalem.

TVA is one of the many programs under the umbrella of Bnei Akiva of the US and Canada, the pioneering Religious Zionist youth movement, which has more than 50 years of experience running programs for young men and women in their year in Israel.

Bnei Akiva is your family in Israel. In addition to Israel programs, Bnei Akiva runs summer camps for thousands of young people, and year-round programs in dozens of communities in North America and across the world.